The Spirit of Autumn (tutorial + project files)

Tim Van Helsdingen
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As per popular demand, now also on Gumroad. The video contains some references to patreon as that is where it was originally offered.

In this 1.5 hour tutorial i'll give a rundown of the project and how it was made.

The tutorial is a rundown of the file (which is included) I will explain how the systems work, re-build some of them, but we will not be re-doing the entire scene from scratch due to time constraints.

In this course you will learn:

-How to emit objects into vellum

- How to keep vellum sims with a lot of objects relatively fast

- Using megascans in Houdini

-How to use pyro to create airflow to drive vellum

- Setting up a proper workflow to handle large projects in Houdini

-How to wedge sims (and combine them later)

-How to Handle the lighting and shading (in Redshift)

And a lot more :)

This tutorial is meant for peope with some basic understanding of houdini already. Not for complete beginners.

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The Spirit of Autumn (tutorial + project files)

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