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Houdini + Redshift - Boiling Water Tutorial

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Houdini + Redshift - Boiling Water Tutorial

Tim Van Helsdingen
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These are the project files for the boiling water tutorial saved for Houdini Indie. If you open these in Houdini FX the files will be downgraded to noncommercial and redshift won't work, so keep that in mind, of course you'll still be able to regularly work with the HIP file itself in noncommercial mode.

Lots of people have been asking me questions on how I did certain stuff for my boiling water sim, and I got some requests to do a tutorial on it.

Recording a tutorial and building everything from scratch would have been a VERY long video, so i decided to do a project breakdown, where I go through the projects to show the stuff I did.

It's a 2 hour video, so grab a cup of coffee while you're at it ;)

I've written out single frame cache files for all the render objects so you can follow along with the shading/rendering part of it. Simulation cache files are missing as that's close to 140gb.

00:05:00 - overview

00:03:24 - cooker model

00:08:59 - making big bubbles

00:15:22 - Setting up the flip sim

00:26:20 - meshing big bubbles

00:30:27 - small bubbles

00:37:12 - beaker + wetmaps

00:41:29 - making the drips

00:48:15 - making the gasflame

00:54:57 - making the steam

01:00:50 - heat displacement

01:05:45 - camera animation

01:10:59 - lighting/shading/rendering

01:44:04 - compositing

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